There are many problems that moving to the cloud can solve. If you’re like most lawyers, referring to your work week as “busy” might be a gross understatement. With your workday scheduled and recorded by the minute, the last thing you need while juggling clients and supervising employees is computer problems. And even when your IT is running well, managing systems and supervising staff is a chore that can easily put a strain on your budget and time. Here are some typical scenarios that will benefit from cloud migration.

Working From Anywhere. Literally.

Mobility is key. Cloud software allows you to work from anywhere without the need for VPN’s or remote desktop sessions. Especially if you have multiple physical locations, cloud software is a brilliant solution as it lets you manage your workload more efficiently with access to the same legal templates, documents, and other digital firm resources in real-time – no matter if you are working from home, in a client’s residence, or any other location: it’s all the same. And if you forgot to bring the right document to court, you can access the entire file on your phone or tablet.

Security and Stability

It is very common for attorneys to feel weary with the idea of storing personal information somewhere “up in the cloud”. Needless to say that cyber attacks should be of vital concern to any law firm that stores confidential data in the cloud as this information is particularly at risk to become a key target for hackers – they can use the data for purposes of blackmail, fraud, and other criminal activity.

Even though an increasing number of law firms transition to the cloud to streamline their operations, both offices who are already using cloud-based services and those who aren’t (yet) express concerns about keeping their clients safe.

According to ABA, cloud usage increased in 2016, with 38% of lawyers reporting they have used web-based software services, which depicts an upward trend from 31% in 2015 and 30% in 2014. Among the law firms that are currently using the cloud, 74% said they would continue to do so.

This trend can be observed among law firms as well. More and more offices are resorting to cloud platforms to host and manage their emails, documents, and legal templates remotely from outside the office, alleviating IT departments’ workloads.

Still, why are many law firm owners are reluctant to use cloud-based services? Some say they just don’t understand how the cloud works – admittedly, it’s natural to experience uneasiness when new technology is adopted. And yet, IT experts overwhelmingly agree that the cloud offers more security than an on-premises platform ever could. In fact, 64% of IT professionals state that the cloud is more secure than a legacy system.

The cloud allows businesses to leverage one of a cloud provider’s core competencies – keeping data safe. Especially law firms that represent clients in industries that impose strict regulations for data security such as healthcare, finance, and education institutions will find it easier (and less costly) to meet data security requirements through a cloud-based solution.

Say Goodbye To Downtime

Majority if not all of businesses have experienced unexpected downtime, keeping them from accessing client data, documents, legal templates, and other resources. In case you can’t resort to a high-end IT department to resolve the issue promptly, for most small and medium-sized businesses, including law firms, downtime can quickly become an unwanted hassle jeopardizing important operations.

Cloud-computing minimizes downtime for your firm. As experienced IT professionals with an expert knowledge of the hardware and software in use constantly monitor the servers and keep cloud resources updated and properly managed, any issues that may occur can be resolved significantly faster as when taken care of by your in-house IT staff or hired-hand tech guys.

What’s more, utilizing the cloud provider’s own IT crew will reduce your IT expenses, especially as no physical server is needed to run the software in your office. As we all like to say, time is money.

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